e-Shabda solution is powered by ePUB-Hub; a software solution suite developed by Cygnet Infotech, a global IT services and solutions firm that is engaged in empowering lives across the world. At ePUB-Hub, we are passionate about making the best of available technologies for businesses and provide them with dynamic solutions. With the solution that we created for eShabda, we have tried our best to provide a solution that empowers publishers and authors of the Gujarati language.

To publish and promote the rich literature that is a treasure for all Gujaratis around the globe, eShabda is a dynamic solution for the publishers and authors to own their online bookstore, protect their ebooks and stay connected directly with their customers without any other marketplace intermediaries.

eShabda: A Solution that enables you to have ebooks in Indian languages

  • e-Shabda is a part of an effort to bring the benefits of digital publishing directly to publishers and authors.
  • The global publishing industry is making the most of e-publishing and we at ePUB-Hub (Cygnet Infotech) wanted to be a part of this revolution and were eager to give the independent authors and publishers a way of reaching out to the massive online audience of Indian readers through eShabda
  • It was primarily built with the primary intention to: Empower authors and publishers to reach a wider audience; Encourage the youth to read books and magazines; Leverage the digital revolution to popularize regional languages books
  • We are committed to offering end-to-end e-publishing solutions. Right from creating the eBook in the most optimal format (PDF ePUB2, ePUB3) to distributing, marketing and securing it, we take care of all the stages in the cycle.
  • The primary goal is to offer publishers and authors a platform where they can protect and sell their works and from where any reader can purchase books by eliminating all the intermediaries.
  • eShabda portal offers a dynamic back-end dashboard that is user-friendly and easy to use. It makes for an efficient portal to manage everything from orders to discounts and inventory.
  • This solution enables publishers to setting up their very own web book store quite promptly. They can then add their books and prices and open it for customers across the globe. Moreover, we also developed an eReader Mobile application that carries all the downloaded ebooks by the readers and makes it possible for them to access their ebooks on the go.

eKavach DRM

  • Many organizations, institutions and even authors have already created digital content in the form of eBooks and are now looking at various options of making them available to their respective target audiences.
  • But with the kind of reach the internet has, it is very easy to acquire, copy and share or print any eBook or any material that is freely available on the internet.
  • This leads to an increase in unauthorized access, plagiarism and we understand the hesitation and doubts about making content available online.
  • e-Kavach DRM is a robust, dynamic solution to all these issues! It is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution powered by Adobe that regulates and controls the access to digital content files and successfully restricts copying, sharing and printing of any digital content.
  • Think of it as an integrated lock, the unique key to which is the only access! It is one of the most salient and also the most underused facet of technology.


  • The solution created for eShabda is customizable as per an entity’s unique branding and marketing requirements.
  • With e-shabda ordering solution publishers and authors can get hold of their business without depending on other marketplaces.
  • They can run their own promotional activities, channelize their marketing budget and promote their online store.
  • The eReader Mobile Application completes this entire solution in the true sense. The eBooks are protected by DRM on this app and it also makes it possible for the reader to access their eBooks on the go.

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