A sophisticated cloud-based Digital Rights Management solution provided by ePUB-Hub helped a premier international IT Education Institute in India to successfully integrate the Adobe DRM into their PoS (Point of Sale) and secure their e-books.

Our solution provided the client with a stronger security layer reducing 30% to 40% of their costs as compared to their previous DRM solution provider. They had collaborated with a DRM Solution Provider but they weren’t happy with the client service or the incurring cost structure.

Moreover, eKavach-DRM effortlessly integrated into the portal securing all their e-books. It generates a unique custom ID for all the students that they want to give an access to. With this custom ID, their students can now access the eBooks across 6 devices curbing the threats of their students being able to share it with multiple people.

Business Scenario

  • The IT education institute decided to make the course content available online for their students for an increased reachability and its cost-effectiveness.
  • In order to secure their digital content against piracy, the company integrated their PoS with a Digital Rights Management Solution.
  • When this institution approached us, they already had an existing DRM solution by an international provider.
  • The prime struggles they were facing were mainly issues like high costs of DRM, unsatisfactory service quality and also that the version of the DRM used was also not upgraded to the current market standards.
  • Now, as we understood the client's requirements, one of the major concerns for them was the threat to compromised security.

The version of DRM being used then was not strong enough as compared to the number of downloads from their PoS was quite high.

ePUB-Hub's Solution: eKavach-DRM

  • ePUB-Hub collaborated with the client as a solution provider for the integration of DRM solution in their existing portal. This enabled the client to provide granular permissions to their students which allowed them to view and download only the books assigned to them.
  • The students received the access to the particular resource once they received the unique ID for the DRM lock for that particular user to be lifted. The copy or the link to an ebook cannot be forwarded because of the unique key to unlock the DRM and access the content.
  • ePUB-Hub uses Adobe Digital Editions (ADEPT) to protect the ebooks. It supports all major reading platforms: eReaders as well as various formats in which you create eBooks.
  • ePUB-Hub worked with Adobe Content Server to protect the books from online piracy that supports versatile PoS integration and works with any CMS to provide enhanced usability and security.
  • The IT education institute has students all over the world along with a number widely spread regionally across India where it has over 50 centers in the country.

This solution provided to them by ePUB-Hub was a quality driven solution and the results were a stronger security layer that was cost-effective and a high-quality service.


  • Uses an encrypted code to impose a lock on the book and the lock can be lifted only for a particular user with an Adobe account.
  • Cost-effective Solution with an easy deployment.
  • Strong security: Secures your digital content 100%.
  • Eliminates the threat of online piracy.

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