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ePUB-Hub is committed to offering innovative technology solutions for digital publishing

Right from creating the eBook in the most optimal format to distributing, marketing and securing it, we take care of all the stages in the cycle.

Our Mission: To offer publishers and authors a platform where they can protect and sell their works and from where any reader can purchase books by eliminating all the intermediaries.

  • Our web store portal offers a dynamic back-end dashboard that is user-friendly and easy to manage
  • This solution enables publishers to setting up their very own web book store promptly & open it to customers across the globe
  • We can customize the solution as per your unique branding and marketing requirements.

With our web portal ordering solution publishers and authors can get hold of their business without depending on other marketplaces.

They can run their own promotional activities, channelize their marketing budget and promote their online store.

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eShabda: Bringing Indians Closer to their Mother Tongue

Gujarati is a widely spoken regional language with rich literature and great authors contributing to it even today. Although it is widely popular in west India, there has never been a UNICODE font developed for the language which made it impossible for publishers to make literature in this language available to the native readers with a good search ability and ease of typing or reading. We used the internationally accepted standard UNICODE fonts and created eBooks in the standard formats.

We wanted to ensure that readers can read this Indian language books on most e-readers, mobile phones and tablets.In the first stage itself, our portal successfully offered 300-500 Gujarati eBooks from five associated publishers: Navjivan Trust, Gurjar Grantha, AMA Publications, Image Publications and Saarthak Prakashan. We have extended our services to more publishers and authors now and enjoy strong relationships in the Gujarati publishing industry.

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