eKavach DRM


Many organizations, institutions and even authors have created digital content in the form of eBooks. They are now looking at various possibilities of making these eBooks available to their respective audiences.

But with the kind of reach the internet has, the real threat that they face is that of easily acquirable content, copy and share or print any eBook , theft of copyrights , reduction of revenue.

In order to protect the copy rights of publishers and authors, all the ebooks on your web portal and the e-reader are copy protected.

Every book your customer downloads is legal.

We stand in support in the fight against piracy!

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Protection from Piracy

Eliminate the insecurity and threat of uncontrolled distribution and access of your ebooks by implementing a DRM lock and integrating it with your portal.


Protection and Securing of IP

For our clients who operate on a school model, especially the educational institutes and coaching classes, they need DRM to enforce a resilient control to regulate the distribution of Digital Property so as to completely avoid sharing or copying of the learning modules.


Increased Revenue Generation

The biggest threat to independent authors and publishers is plagiarism and people having unauthorized access to their books. By integrating DRM, you can secure and regulate sharing of access rights by giving it only to those who buy your books giving you authentic readers but also empower you as a writer with growth in revenue.


Provide Seamless Access to your readers

Once your reader has access to your reading material with a custom ID that shall be generated for them, they can use their authenticated IDs to access the same content across multiple devices without interrupting their reading experience.!