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Publish Books and eBooks Efficiently

With ePUB-Hub’s eCommerce Web Portal Solution, you can be your own publisher and manage your content and ebooks yourself. You can sell your physical books, eBooks as well as souvenirs on your very own online store that comes integrated with robust e-commerce solutions along with Digital rights management option in it.

eBook Web Store Application as a solution was built with the primary intention to:

  • Empower authors and publishers to reach a wider audience.
  • Encourage the youth to read books and magazines in different languages.
  • Leverage the digital revolution to popularize regional languages ebooks.



Brand Re-enforcement

We can customize the look and feel of the back-end as well as the front end interface to align it with your branding and requirements.


Safeguard your e-Books

Protect your digital property with eKavach that comes integrated with the portal. Publishers do not need to separately invest in a DRM Solution.


Update your products in real time

Respond to the inventory dashboard and update your books92 inventory as and when required


Customer database for future marketing efforts

An exhaustive list of customer database that keeps on updating by itself with every purchase at the back-end helps you plan an efficient marketing strategy for the future. Stay connected with your customers!


Generate online coupons & promotions

Attract more customers with exciting promotional offers. Decide, design and roll these offers in a jiffy!

An eReader that
carries your readers 
favorite books at all times

Be it on their cell phones or tablets!
Get an eReader application today!