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Academic institutions are increasingly converting and publishing their coursework in the form of eBooks. It has gained an increasing popularity in the recent past and as a result of which, ePUB-Hub has exclusively developed a school model for converting, designing, protecting and publishing eBooks.

We provide our services at all educational levels. Right from primary, secondary and higher education to coaching institutes and vocational courses.

Make all learning material securely available online for your students.

  • Module Based Permission.
  • Authorized Access Only.
  • Time Bound Access.

Registered Learning Modules Protected
by eKavach-DRM

An educational institution has multiple courses operational at the same time across various batches of students.

With thousands of students distributed over these many numbers of courses, it becomes a logistical nightmare for the admin department to keep track of modules and distribute it correctly to the relevant students.

A smart learning center with their modules available online has to ensure the security of all their modules so that there is no misuse or wrongful sharing of the same amongst students.

With ePUB-Hub's eKavach-DRM solution, eliminate all these issues and effortlessly manage your modules and distribute relevant eBooks to the students so to deliver only what they subscribed for.

Reader Application

Once your students create an ID on your web portal, all they need to do is download the eBooks from the web portal and sign into the e-reader application and they shall have access to every single eBook they have ever bought!

It is seamlessly integrated with user account on web portal and one unique ID is all you need to access this account.

Since this app shall be on your readers phones or tablets, it lighter than a physical book and can hold all the treasured books.

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