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Preserve Your Literary Gems

Libraries are a haven for readers and students alike. For libraries, one of the main goals, constantly, is to preserve and publicize historical and classic works of literature.

ePUB-Hub offers a complete digital publishing solution suite that makes it possible for libraries to convert, create protect and make these digital copies of documents as well as articles available online.

Right from creating ebooks and providing your very own virtual and interactive library complete with a mobile reader application.

  • Protect and distribute your eBooks.
  • Utilize the rent model (time-based access).
  • Eliminate concerns about piracy issues.

Licensed Content Protected
by eKavach-DRM

We integrate eKavach (powered by Adobe), with your eBooks that protects all your digital content.

  • It is compatible with any format that you want your content to be presented in; PDF or formats that can be converted to PDF and ePub (ver. 2.7 and 3.0) to make it available to your library members
  • It easily integrates with your content online securing all your e-books and generates a unique custom ID for whoever you want to give an access to.

Moreover, eKavach-DRM allows your readers to access the e-book across 6 devices with the custom ID provided to them without any threats to you of that reader being able to share that e-book with anyone else.

Reader Application

Once your members create an ID on your web portal, all they need to do is download the eBooks from the web portal and sign into the e-reader application and they shall have access to every single eBook they have ever bought! It is seamlessly integrated with the user account on the web portal and one unique ID is all you need to access this account. Since this app shall be on your reader's phones or tablets, it lighter than a physical book and can hold all the treasured books.

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