For Authors

Grow Your Profits Efficiently

Gain complete control of the digital content that you publish on an IP also controlled by you. Leave all the worries to us. With ePUB-Hub's holistic digital publishing solution suite at your service, you can:

  • Lower investment cost than traditional publishing methods.
  • Faster time to market for authors manuscripts.
  • Receive returns to your investment faster than industry average.

Books published electronically have an ISBN number, just like printed books but they offer a greater flexibility.

  • Seamless Conversion of Manuscripts to Dynamic eBooks.
  • DRM Solution safeguarding your content.
  • Easily Manageable Robust eCommerce Book Store.

Protect Your Copyrights as a Publisher
with eKavach-DRM

As publishers, copyrights are one of the greatest assets that you hold and one of the biggest worries that go hand in hand with that is that of protecting it.

Integrating eKavach-DRM with your digital content shall ensure that your eBooks are secure. Your users can download these eBooks but cannot share, print or copy any of your content.

Once it has been integrated, securing all your e-books, with every user download, a unique custom ID is generated for that user without which they cannot access the eBook in question.

eKavach-DRM allows your readers to access the e-book across 6 devices registered under just the one email id with which they downloaded the said eBook.

Reader Application

Once your members create an ID on your web portal, all they need to do is download the eBooks from the web portal and sign into the e-reader application and they shall have access to every single eBook they have ever bought! It is seamlessly integrated with user account on web portal and one unique ID is all you need to access this account. Since this app shall be on your readers phones or tablets, it lighter than a physical book and can hold all the treasured books.

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